Fox’s Bob Beckel Agrees With Whoopi, Says He’s Punched A Woman (Video)

Fox News host Bob Beckel recalled the time he punched a woman who bit him on the collar bone and said he thinks Jay-Z should have hit back at Beyonce’s sister Solange when she pummeled him in an elevator.

Beckel said on “The Five” this past Thursday that he agrees with Whoopi Goldberg, who said on “The View” that any man has the right to put his hands on a woman if she hits them.

Beckel's co-host Eric Bolling vehemently disagreed.

“No way,” Bolling said. “My mama taught me there is never ever a reason to raise your hand to a woman, no matter what, even if she’s beating on you, kicking you. You just don’t do it. And Jay-Z didn’t do it, to his credit.”

“Let me tell you something, I don’t agree with that, I agree with what Whoopi said,” Beckel interjected. “I got bit by a woman right in the collar bone and she wouldn’t let go so I had to punch her.”

“Bob, please!” shouted shocked co-hosts.

“It was the only way I could get her off, otherwise I was going to die," he said. "She was crazy.”

“So you hit a woman?” asked co-host Andrea Tantaros.

“I’ve hit – yeah!” Beckel said.

His co-hosts asked why he’d admit something like that and he responded, “Why would I not admit it? It’s awfully sexist of you to ask that. It’s an absolutely true story.”

“And don't start with me you wuss," he went after Bolling. “You wouldn’t hit a woman? Some woman is beating the hell out of you, you wouldn’t?”

Sources: Mediaite, The Wrap


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