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Fox Plans to Re-Air Anti-LGBT "Family Guy" Episode

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In May, Fox aired a highly offensive episode of Family Guy in which Quagmire’s dad transitioned to become a woman named Ida and featured

numerous jokes that were offensive to the transgender community. Now it has come to GLAAD’s attention that Fox plans to re-air the “Quagmire’s Dad” episode this Sunday, July 25.

The episode featured scenes such as one in which food prepared by Ida is thrown in the trash by Lois Griffin and another in which Brian Griffin vomits after having sex with Ida and learning about her gender identity. Community members also expressed concern about a later scene that draws a connection between transgender people and sex offenders.

Fox is aware that this episode was in poor taste and was not well-received by the LGBT community. In addition to GLAAD’s outreach, the story was covered throughout the LGBT blog community, most notably in an AfterElton article that quoted Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane saying the episode was “probably the most sympathetic portrayal of a transexual character that has ever been on television.”

Yesterday, GLAAD released its fourth annual Network Responsibility Index, an evaluation of the quantity, quality and diversity of images of LGBT people on television. In the report, GLAAD gave Fox an “Adequate” rating. While 30% of the network’s primetime programming in the 2009-2010 season was LGBT inclusive, the report noted that offensive episodes of shows like Family Guy and Cleveland Show hold back the network’s progress on fairness.

As ABC News noted:

…despite welcoming gay teen storylines on hit musical comedy “Glee” on Fox, and the appointment of lesbian Ellen DeGeneres as a judge on “American Idol”, the Fox network was slammed for offensive stereotypes on “Family Guy” and “The Cleveland Show”. GLAAD said that on both animated series last season, characters vomited at the thought of having sex with a transgender woman.

GLAAD will continue to call for meetings with Fox to remove this highly problematic episode from future airings and ask Seth MacFarlane to address the public response to this episode from the gay and transgender community. 

We urge you to do the same and write to Fox with your concerns:

Tracey Raftery, Publicist – Family Guy,


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