Fox News' Tracy Byrnes Compares Oil Spill to Eating Oreos on Diet (Video)


About 168,000 gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico after an oil tanker crashed into a cargo ship in Galveston Bay on Sunday.

Reuters reported that cleanup crews had to close the Houston Ship Channel in an effort to try to contain the environmental damage.

Today on Fox News Business' Varney & Co., guest host Charles Payne worried the spill might be "an impediment to growing out our fossil fuel industry," noted (video below).

Fox News' Tracy Byrnes added, "You and Sandra said it last hour, just do the Keystone Pipeline already, create all these jobs! Enough of the nonsense, these are all distractions, that's all they are."

“Much like anybody who wants to lose five pounds has a Oreos in front of them," said Byrnes. "Just get rid of the Oreos, and you’ll be fine. Same thing. Do the [Keystone XL] pipeline.”

Sources: and Reuters


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