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Fox News Refuses To Air UltraViolet Ad Criticizing Sexist Contributors (Video)

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Fox News recently refused to air an advertisement funded by online women’s rights group UltraViolet which included footage of an all-male panel slandering female breadwinners. According to Fox, the network cannot air an ad the features its own footage for copyright reasons.

The ad featured Lou Dobbs, Erik Erickson and Juan Williams, who claimed that female breadwinners could ruin society and undermine social order.

Erickson lashed out at liberals, criticizing them for being anti-science and not facing the facts of a recent Pew Poll. While Erickson claimed that three-fourths of Americans felt the rise in women breadwinners was concerning, primarily its effect on raising children, the statistic only applies to adults ages 30 and older. Only 60% of those between ages 18 and 29 believed that an increase in women breadwinners would effect raising a child, revealing an evolving perception and acceptance of working women.

Most importantly, four in five Americans believe that women should not return to their traditional gender roles, regardless of pollster age. Considering that women as breadwinners are a relatively new, the issue may be that there is not yet a solution to rearing children with two working parents, rather than a rejection of working women entirely.

The ad took a satirical stand, saying that Fox wasn’t safe from “lady breadwinners” and that retiring the male trio from contribution would “spare them the pain of equality.”

UltraViolet considered running the ad on another network, but has yet to make a decision. Nita Chaudhary, co-founder of UltraViolet, said they hope to address female viewers.

"We just want to put it in front of [Fox's] female viewers that if you're working outside of the home, Fox News' line is that you are personally responsible for ruining America."

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