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Fox News Personality Demoted After Affair With Hostess

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Fox News correspondent Ed Henry, who infamously had an affair with a hostess, is set to return to the network following a four-month absence. 

“He took the summer off to work out some issues,” an insider told The Hill about Henry’s leave of absence from Fox.

Henry, a 45-year-old veteran reporter who previously worked for CNN, will no longer be the chief White House correspondent for the network. His new title will be chief national correspondent. The demotion means he will not be reporting on the presidential campaign.

Henry is married with two children, and his affair with hostess Natalia Lima was publicly revealed by In Touch Magazine. Lima told the magazine that she and Henry were involved in a 10-month affair after they met at a Las Vegas club. 

Lima reportedly performed $2,000-per-hour routines for the anchor in a private “skybox” at the Sapphire club in Vegas.

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After admitting the affair, Lima -- who’s real name is Natalie Albrandt -- went to great lengths to hide her profession. A friend told the Daily Mail that she was a celebrity stylist and a “good Christian girl.” 

But a fellow stripper at Sapphire told the Daily Mail that she personally recognized Lima from working at the club.

“There's around 400 girls working at Sapphire at any one time, especially on weekends, but Natalia has a locker in the same quad as me so I see her regularly to say hi to,” the stripper, whose stage name is Aaliyah Cyn, said. 

“She's a regular girl and has been there much longer than me. One girl told me she's been there more than five years. She's older than most of the girls and knows how to play the game. She comes in quite often, sometimes every night.”

Cyn said that she remembers Lima talking about her affair.

“I remember last year I overheard her talking about a guy she was seeing,” she said. “It was about eight or nine months ago and I was in the locker room getting ready and doing my makeup. She was in there talking to one of her friends, she was telling her how she had this guy who was in politics, something connected to the White House, and said she was having an affair with him."

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"She said she met him at the club as a client and started seeing him, but he never told her he was married. Natalia was saying she found out about the wife and confronted him. She wasn't happy and was telling her friend that he needs to be careful because she could expose him. I didn't pay much attention at the time but it looks like she carried out her threat.”

Henry has been married to NPR editor Shirley Hung since 2010. 

Sources: Daily Mail, The Hill / Photo credit: Daily Mail 

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