Fox News Mocks 'All-Gender' Bathroom at Illinois State University (Video)


Illinois State University recently announced that it is going to replace its "Family" signs outside certain bathrooms with “All-Gender” signs.

“The reason for it is rather simple,” Michael Shane McCreery, director and ethics officer in the Office of Equal Opportunity, Ethics and Access, told the school's newspaper “It evidences the university’s efforts to have an inclusive environment.”

“While most people may not even know the sign has changed, I’m anticipating those in the LGBTQ community will appreciate it,” added McCreery. “Small changes can have a big impact.”

McCreery said that Illinois Wesleyan University made similar changes to its bathrooms last year.

The “All-Gender” sign includes men, women, transitioning, and transgender people, but seems mostly aimed at transgender.

“Having a gender-neutral bathroom, gives [transgender people] a facility that they can use and they can feel comfortable about,” said Dave Bentlin, administrative assistant in the Division of Student Affairs.

“You could say it’s an all-human restroom,” stated McCreery.

The news struck the funny bone of "Fox & Friends" this morning, noted (video below).

As Heather Nauert reported on Illinois State University, which she mistakenly called Indiana State University, the news anchor claimed it was the decision of the "P.C. police" and added, "We're all a little confused by it."

While she reported the story, the "Fox & Friends" crew could be heard laughing off-camera. notes that "Fox & Friends" has often poked fun at gender-neutral accommodations and facilities.

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