Fox News' Megyn Kelly Suggests All Liberals as Racist Based on One MSNBC Tweet (Video)


Earlier this week, an unidentified MSNBC staffer tweeted a link to a bi-racial Cheerios Super Bowl ad with this caption: “Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family.”

According to, there was outrage on conservative websites, which blared headlines such as: "MSNBC Slimes 'Right Wing' as Racist Over Cheerios Ad" and "MSNBC Trolls The Right With Cheerios Tweet."

MSNBC apologized twice on Twitter for the tweet, but Fox News host Megyn Kelly quickly tried to build a case (based on that single tweet) that liberals are not tolerant of interracial marriages of conservative people, notes (video below).

To "prove" her point, Kelly had a conservative interracial couple on her show last night and asked, “Do you feel as a conservative black man that that is not an acceptable position to many on the left?"

The couple, Nicholas and Krystal Bailey, have strong ties to the Republican Party as Nicholas works for the political consulting firm DC London, which creates campaign ads for Republican candidates. DC London touted their appearance last night on Fox News on Facebook.

Kelly also asked, "Many on the left pride themselves on being accepting of many, many things of people who are different, of people who make different lifestyle choices, certainly of interracial marriage... but, interracial marriage where one person happens to be conservatives? Or just conservatives in general? You know, there is a question about whether the left is tolerant of that. What’s your thought?”

Kelly did not cite any evidence that people on the "left" actually oppose interracial marriage, but her guests readily agreed with her.

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