New York And New Jersey Bombs Connected To Same Suspect

Police say they believe that the explosive devices detonated in New York and New Jersey were made by the same person.

According to WABC, authorities believe that the incidents involving explosive devices were connected. A suspect has been named in connection with the investigation: 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami.

On the evening of Sept. 17, a bomb went off in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, just hours after a pipe bomb exploded in Seaside, New Jersey, reports the Independent Journal Review.  A second, unexploded device found in Chelsea, and five explosive devices were also found at a train station in Elizabeth.

Police have named Rahami as the suspect likely responsible for all of the explosive devices. The suspect has not yet been charged for the explosion, however, and the investigation is said to be ongoing.

On Sept. 19, FBI and law enforcement descended on a home where Rahami used to live. According to WABC, five people who were previously taken into custody as part of the investigation may be related to the suspect.

The explosion in Chelsea injured 29 people, all of whom were released from the hospital the next morning.

The device in Chelsea was along the route of the Semper Five charity 5K run and was initially set to detonate when the race began. However, because the race was delayed, the device detonated while nobody was nearby.

Sources: WABCIndependent Journal Review / Photo credit: FBI

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