Fox News Indianapolis Wonders If NRA Convention Ended Violent Crime (Video)

A local Fox News channel in Indiana is asking if the National Rifle Association convention held last weekend is responsible for a decrease in teen violence in Indianapolis.

About 75,000 people, many of them carrying firearms, reportedly attended the convention downtown.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department says it was the most “peaceful Saturday in the month of April downtown.”

Fox 59 News reported the month of April was full of “Saturday Night Problems” with teens gathering in large groups in public.

April 5: 300 teens at Circle Centre

April 12: 200 teens in large groups

April 19: 400 teens and reports of shots fired

April 26 (NRA Convention): 100 teens, dispersed quickly and zero NRA-related runs

The IMPD and community leaders organized the NRA “Stand and Fight” rally at Lucas Oil Stadium last weekend. Sarah Palin appeared at the rally Saturday night where she stated, “If I was in charge, they would know waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.”

Sources: Fox 59 News, WTHR


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