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Fox News Host Claims Cop May Be 'Justified' in Shooting Michael Brown (Video)

"Fox & Friends" host Juliet Huddy suggested today that "maybe" the Ferguson, Missouri, police officer who shot unarmed teen Michael Brown was "justified" because of a video that reportedly showed Brown stealing some cigars from a convenience store about ten minutes before he was fatally killed by the officer on Aug. 9.

On Friday, Ferguson police released the name of the officer (Darren Wilson) who shot Brown and a surveillance store video that allegedly caught Brown stealing.

NBC News reported that the U.S. Department of Justice asked Ferguson police not to release the surveillance video because it could inflame protests, but Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson did so anyway, which sparked further protests on Friday and Saturday night.

On Friday, Chief Jackson publicly stated that Officer Wilson was not aware that Brown was a robbery suspect. Chief Jackson said that Officer Wilson stopped Brown because he was walking in the middle of a residential street, and not on the sidewalk, notes MSNBC.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (D) condemned the Ferguson police for releasing the alleged robbery video today on "Meet the Press" (video below).

"Number one to attempt in essence to disparage the character in the middle of a process like this is not right. It’s just not right," said Gov. Nixon, notes

According to, Huddy ignored the facts and created her own version of what might have happened if the alleged robbery video had been released sooner, not later (video below).

"Had that tape been out there, had crowd realized that this man might have been robbing a store, there might have been something else criminal going on there, you know, to lend credence to the fact that maybe in some way, we don't know this, but maybe this officer was justified, maybe this was a bad guy, maybe he wasn't the 'gentle giant.' I'm not saying that's what it was," said Huddy.

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