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Fox News Guest Opposes Valentine's Day Cards for All Kids (Video)

Blogger Elizabeth Esther told "Fox & Friends" this morning that schools should not force children to give every child in their class a Valentine’s Day card to prevent hurt feelings. reports that a New Jersey elementary school recently said that children had to bring Valentine's cards for each classmate.

“Valentine’s Day is about expressing your unique heartfelt feelings for your special loved one,” Esther told "Fox & Friends" host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, notes (video below).

“You can’t make life 100 percent fair,” stated Esther. “Why not let them experience a little of that, like, ‘Wow, okay,’ while they’re young and the stakes are low rather when they’re 20 years old and they’re still expecting everyone to give them a Valentines.”

However, Jessica Gottlieb, a parenting expert, said the universal cards help kids from feeling isolated.

Gottlieb recalled that her mother was a teacher and supports the policy.

“Believe me, [kids] experience plenty of rejection day in and day out,” Gottlieb claimed. “There’s absolutely no reason to be excluding them.”

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