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Fox News' Dr. Keith Ablow Links Chris Lane Murder to Facebook, Abortion, Text Messaging (Video)

There were three arrests on Tuesday in the random murder of Australian college student Chris Lane, who was recently gunned down in Oklahoma where he was going to school.

Two teens were charged with murder, while a third teen is accused of being an accessory. One of the teens reportedly said Lane was killed for "the fun of it."

According to, Fox News contributor Dr. Keith Ablow claimed today that the murder was somehow linked to America’s abortion laws, texting on cell phones and Facebook.

Fox News host Shannon Breem started off the discussion by suggesting the accused murderers might have been watching "video games" (video below).

“We do have an epidemic now of disconnectedness. We have people saying they have hundreds of friends on Facebook, when those aren’t friends and we have people text messaging when in fact they are not reaching out to anybody, because they are sending their thoughts and feelings in the air, if you will," claimed Dr. Albow.

"...If you can’t outlaw third trimester abortions in every state, then you have part of the answer to why people don’t take life that seriously. But I will predict this, in these three cases, we will learn that each of them had a psychological disorder of a severe variety and the alleged mystery will go away."

Breem then recalled how police claimed that one of the accused teens wrote "Bang, two drops in two hours" on his Facebook page. Breem could not imagine why the teen would be on Facebook bragging about a potential crime (as many people have done in the past and have usually gotten caught by doing so).

"...Facebook has become ground zero in the battle to either maintain our identities or to let them go into the web and these three became non-people with no feelings for others and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were big users of Facebook and other things Internet-related," claimed Albow.



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