Fox News' Dr. Keith Ablow Says Girls Wearing Leggings Provoke Harassment (Video)

Haven Middle School in Evanston, Ill., recently banned girls from wearing leggings or yoga pants because that type of clothing distracts boys.

However, the school's principal Kathleen Roberson sent an email to parents that claimed leggings and yoga pants had not been banned.

“It has been communicated to students that ‘if leggings are worn, a shirt, shorts, or skirt worn over them must be fingertip length,’” wrote Roberson, noted the Evanston Review.

But some girls at the school say they’re getting “dress-coded” by teachers based on their physical development, while less curvy girls do not.

Fox News' Dr. Keith Ablow stated on today's broadcast of "Outnumbered" that girls can "certainly" provoke harassment by wearing leggings to school, noted MediaMatters.org (video below).

"You cannot come in with leggings," stated Dr. Ablow. "Because my son wants to learn and the truth is it is distracting. And it is kind of inappropriate because when did we decide as a culture that tights would become an overgarment instead of an undergarment. The reason we're doing that is because girls are in a panic to be more and more sexual because we've taken all the restraint away from femininity. We've made girls into boys."

Later, Dr. Albow claimed that boys can't control themselves and girls are provoking them.

"I don't know that we can restrain boys from being boys," claimed Dr. Albow. "So the long stare, the offhand comment, you have to, what do you do, excuse it? Because it was certainly provoked. And I think girls put themselves in the line of fire that way."

Sources: Evanston Review and MediaMatters.org


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