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Fox News' Dana Perino Calls Jim Carrey an '*sshole' over Gun Control (Video)

'Red Eye' panel member Dana Perino recently attacked actor Jim Carrey on Fox News for a comedy video that parodied gun owners and the late Charlton Heston (video below).

'Red Eye' host Greg Gutfeld asked his panel if Carrey was a hypocrite for having armed body guards while attacking gun owners, reports

“In Jim Carrey’s case, it doesn’t make him a hypocrite; it makes him an *sshole,” said Perino. “Here’s my biggest problem with it: He goes after somebody who can’t defend himself. He goes after Charlton Heston, who passed away, and it doesn’t even make any sense. Does he think any one of his fans knows, that Charlton Heston, one, all of the great movies he did, and that he was the president of the NRA for five years? They don’t know that."

Perino provided no evidence that people who watch Jim Carrey films are unaware that Charlton Heston, who publicly spoke out for guns numerous times, was also the NRA president. In fact, Heston was quite famous for saying "from my cold dead hands," which Carrey parodied in his video.

“Do all the White House secretaries talk that way?” co-host Nick Searcy asked after Perino cursed.

“As you know, I have given up any pretense of any semblance of a good reputation since I’ve come on this show. As I used to have a real job, now I comment on cat videos on Red Eye,” answered Perino.

Perino once worked as the press secretary for President George W. Bush, where she famously and falsely claimed she had debunked the Downing Street Memo.

When 'The Five' co-host and Democrat Bob Beckel cursed on the air, there was mass coverage from conservative websites, but Perino's profanity has yet to cause a ripple.



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