Former Fox News Correspondent Arrested For Rape


A former correspondent for Fox News was arrested on July 26 and has been charged with rape.

Orlando Salinas, 55, reported for Fox News in Miami for more than 12 years. He was taken into custody in Virginia on charges related to an incident that occurred in January, according to the Daily Mail.  

The woman who Salinas is accused of raping is not his wife, according to court documents.

The indictments offered few details about the case, although they say Salinas took actions against his victim involving force, threats and intimidation.

In addition to working for Fox News in Miami until 2012, Salinas later worked at CBS affiliate WBDJ from 2012 to 2015 until he was reportedly fired for insubordination.

He later made a career change and was working near his hometown of Blacksburg, Virginia, as a real estate agent.

On July 27, Salinas was arraigned and ordered held without bail at the county jail.

If convicted, Salinas could face five years to life in prison for each charge, WBDJ reports.

Sources: Daily Mail, WDBJ / Photo credit: WDBJ

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