Fox News Blames Video Games for Mass Shootings, Not Guns (Video)

Fox News host Martha MacCallum and frequent contributor Dr. Keith Ablow say that video games, not guns, are to blame for the mass shootings in America.

During today's interview, MacCallum called for confiscating non-lethal, non-weapon video games, while Dr. Ablow said "guns are irrelevant" to mass shootings, noted MediaMatters.org (video below).

The conversation got started about the recent release of the video game "Grand Theft Auto 5."

"Many health professionals believe that these games inspired several of our nations mass killers," said MacCallum, who did not name the "health professionals."

MacCallum claimed that video games were the common thread in three mass murderers: James Holmes, Jared Lochner and Adam Lanza.

Dr. Keith Ablow joined her and compared video games to "drugs" such as "cocaine."

"This drug has no warning from the Surgeon General on it and it should. It's legal when most drugs are not, but it's just as toxic," Dr. Ablow said of video games, which are not classified as drugs in any country.

Later, Dr. Ablow compared video games to having "an open bar in the house or lots of drugs."

Dr. Ablow made the same claims recently on "Fox & Friends" (video below). 

Both times Dr. Ablow cited a "recent" study that found "watching violent video games increases aggression and decreases empathy."

The author of the study that Dr. Ablow referred to, Ohio State University professor Brad Bushman. does claim that video games may be a "contributing factor" to gun violence, but wrote in the New York Post

We haven’t “proven” video games directly cause violence because it can’t be proven. There is no way to ethically run experiments that see if some threshold of playing a violent game like Call of Duty may push a person into violence.

Both Dr. Ablow and MacCallum lamented the lack of mental health services for disturbed people, but neither mentioned how Fox News has always opposed Obamacare, which will provide more access to mental health services for Americans.

No one on Fox News mentioned that mass murder has existed for centuries, long before video games and that other counties have the same video games as America, but do not have the same high number of gun-related deaths as the U.S.

Source: MediaMatters.org and New York Post


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