Fox News Blames Obama, Gun Control for Ft. Hood Shooting (Video)


In less than 24 hours, Fox News' "Fox & Friends" blamed President Barack Obama and gun control laws for a tragic shooting at the Fort Hood military base in Texas yesterday.

Army Spc. Ivan Lopez reportedly shot and killed three people, wounded more, and took his own life.

According to the Daily Mail, Lopez was being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder and suffered from depression, among other mental-health issues. reports that "Fox & Friends" went after Obama and gun laws instead (video below).

“There you have our soldiers not being able to arm themselves,” claimed co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. “Still, if they have a weapon, they are to register it within five days of purchase, and obtaining it. But then that must be stored away in these lockers so that it cannot be carried on their person, therefore leaving them vulnerable.”

However, Hasselbeck failed to mention that military police on bases are armed.

Co-host Steve Doocy then quoted the Gateway Pundit, a right-wing blog. "'The Obama administration is responsible for this mass shooting,'" he read. "'They witnessed this before, they didn’t learn a thing. Gun-free zones are death zones. It is time to stand up to the lunacy.’”

“You know what? They protect all of us, but they can’t protect themselves,” added Doocy.

The co-hosts again ignored the shooter and attacked Piers Morgan for tweeting, "'If only there'd been a good guy with a gun...' - such crap. This #FortHood soldier/shooter WAS a good guy. Until he turned bad, with a gun."

Even though Morgan is technically correct – Lopez was a good guy with a gun until he started shooting people – co-host Brian Kilmeade grumbled, “If you have a dumber tweet, please send it to us.”

“That must be the dumbest tweet I’ve ever seen,” added Hasselbeck. “I can’t believe that crossed the twitterverse.”

Sources: Daily Mail,, Twitter


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