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Fox Business Host Varney Wonders If The Female Brain Makes Women Bad Tech Executives (Video)

What is the best way to explain the lack of women holding executive level positions in tech companies? Is it institutionalized gender discrimination? Or is it – for various reasons – a lack of women studying business and engineering? Maybe it’s the antiquated notion that business is a ‘man’s world’ too harsh for the allegedly soft female persona to survive in?

The answer is likely a complex combination of a number of factors. Social scientists are looking for answers all the time.

But Fox Business host Stuart Varney thinks we’re all just overanalyzing the issue. To Varney, it’s as simple as differences in the male and female brain.

Varney hosted female Tea Party News Network member Scottie Hughes on his show today. Hughes brought up the lack of female executives in Silicon Valley.

“No business should ever be obligated to bring on a woman,” Hughes said. “They should want to, but you’re not seeing this in Silicon Valley for some reason.”

Here’s how Varney chose to press Hughes for a little more insight on her statement.

“But why is that?” Varney asked. “It’s a very difficult question to ask because it’s politically incorrect. Is there something about the female brain that is a deterrent for getting on board with tech? Is there?”

Hughes shot down this notion right away before wasting no time in politicizing the issue.

“I think that’s the exact opposite, I think females all the time are embracing technology,” Hughes answered. “I think the ironic thing is Silicon Valley is very liberal. And the majority of liberals are blasting Republicans for wanting to put Barbie in the binder, when in reality, Republicans are saying, live your dream.”

Source: Raw Story, NY Times


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