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Fox Attacks Toddler in London Home, Bites Off Finger

A 4-week-old boy had his finger bitten off by an urban fox on Sunday while sleeping at his London home.

According to Mirror News, the boy’s mother was in the next room when she heard her son scream after being attacked. She heard a thud as he was flung to the floor and arrived at the scene to find her son’s hand “halfway down the animal’s throat.” He also had puncture wounds on his face.

The boy’s mother was able to rescue her youngster by kicking the fox repeatedly. She then retrieved his finger before taking the baby to St. Thomas’ Hospital in Central London where surgeons were able to sew the finger back on after a three-four hours operation.

London Mayor Boris Johnson issued a statement after the attack saying, “Thankfully this sort of attack, though terrible, is rare, but we must do more to tackle the growing problem of urban foxes.”

The boy’s mother said the fox was able to get into the house through an open back door that was waiting to be fixed by the local council in South East London.

Mayor Johnson continued, “This must serve as a wake-up call to London’s borough leaders, who are responsible for pest control. They must come together, study the data, try to understand why this is becoming such a problem and act quickly to sort it out.”

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA countered Johnson’s statement by saying the only reason a fox would ever attack is due to fear.

She said of the incident, “It is extremely unusual to foxes to attack young children or anyone. It’s not typical fox behavior at all. Foxes will come closer to a house if there are food sources. They can become quite bold, but they usually do back off and run away when there are people around.”

Despite the spokeswoman claims, Mayor Johnson stood by his statement and concluded that, “They may appear cuddly and romantic but foxes are also a pest and a menace, particularly in our cities.”

(Mirror News)


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