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'Good Day L.A.' Fox Host Fired, Sexual Misconduct Alleged

'Good Day L.A.' Fox Host Fired, Sexual Misconduct Alleged Promo Image

The popular host of the "Good Day L.A." news program on Fox is the latest celebrity to lose his job amid accusations of sexual harassment.

Steve Edwards, 69, was fired on Dec. 11, reports the Daily Mail.

Edwards co-hosted "Good Day L.A.," which airs locally on Fox KTTV, with Maria Quiban, Julie Chang, and Megan Colarossi, none of whom have commented on his departure.  

He regularly shared photographs with his co-hosts on social media, along with comments on their beauty. 

FTV Live broke the news that Edwards was no longer with the show, reporting that News Director Kris Knutsen had made an internal announcement regarding the matter. 

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Edwards was fired due to reports of sexual harassment made by co-workers, according to anonymous sources cited by FTV Live.  

However, KTTV has not publicly given a reason for his departure. In a statement to the Daily Mail, a station spokesperson said: "We can confirm that Steve Edwards is no longer employed by KTTV."  No further information was given.

Other sources contend that Edwards was not fired, but was merely in his final contract with the show and the contract was not renewed.

Edwards has not issued a statement.

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Edwards is one of hundreds in the entertainment and broadcasting industries who have been accused of sexual misconduct in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Garrison Keillor, Louis C.K, and Kevin Spacey are among the high-profile celebrities who have been fired or otherwise had projects canceled due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

President Donald Trump might be forced to testify in court regarding a sexual harassment allegation against him by a former "Apprentice" contestant, The Washington Post reports.

The contestant, Summer Zervos, has accused the president of groping her breast and "thrusting his genitals" at her during a dinner together at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2007. 

She is one of 16 women who have come forth with allegations after a recording of Donald Trump referring to grabbing women by their genitals was made public in October 2016.

As for Edwards, he had been on "Good Day L.A." since 1995, including a nationally syndicated version called "Good Day Live," which ran from 2001 to 2005, observes FTV Live.

He has been a fixture of Los Angeles broadcasting since the 1970s, beginning with "The Steve Edwards Show" in 1978.

His career began in Houston, where he worked in radio.

In 2010, he won the Los Angeles Area Governors Award, a special Emmy which "is bestowed upon an individual, company, or an organization for outstanding, innovative and visionary achievement in the arts, sciences or management of television that has made an industry-wide contribution which is either of a cumulative nature or so extraordinary and universal in nature as to be beyond the scope of the awards presented in the categories and areas of achievement."

Sources: Daily Mail, The Washington Post, Emmys / Featured Image: Wolfmann/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Instagram and KTTV via Daily Mail

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