Fourth Graders Kicked Out Of School For Attempting To Build Fireworks


Three fourth grade students have been kicked out of an Idaho elementary school for bringing materials to class with the intent to create fireworks. 

Items the three students brought to school include empty cans, empty magic markers and scraps of paper. According to KTVB, the students wanted to “make some fireworks” to set off around the school in order to get out early for summer vacation. It is worth noting, none of the students had any matches.

To a certain extent, the students achieved what they desired. Although the students’ actions were tipped off to the school’s principal before any damage could occur, the involved students have been banned from Canyon Elementary School for the remainder of the year. Instead of attending class, they are being home schooled. 

According to Pat Charlton, Superintendent of the Vallivue School District, the incident unfolded earlier this month. The last day of school in the district is May 30. 

Due to the banned students’ young ages, they are likely to return to the classroom next year.


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