Fourth Grader Ally Deon Suffers Broken Arm, Her School Refuses to Call Ambulance

Tom and Jan Deon are angry at Veterans Memorial Elementary School, in Saugus, Massachusetts, which refused to call an ambulance when their fourth-grade daughter Ally broke her arm on the school playground while playing on the jungle gym.

After getting a phone call from school officials, Jan Deon rushed to the school and found her daughter Ally screaming with her arm bent. She took Ally to the emergency room, as the school nurse had not called 911, reports the Daily Mail.

Jan Deon told Itemlive.com: "My daughter's arm looked like a wing, it was broken like a V. No ambulance was called, no splint placed. Now I’m hopping in the car going to the hospital with a child with a severely deformed arm."

"I was in such a panic. It’s not until my husband, who is a fire lieutenant, looked and said, “Are you kidding me? They didn’t call an ambulance?' The ER doctor told me, 'Your daughter is in a lot of pain. This is a very bad break.' It was broken in two places and displaced."

Tom Deon told Itemlive.com: "I asked [school principal Jean Perry] why the nurse didn’t call and she said, "Well, I’m not a health care professional and I went by [the nurse’s] recommendation."

In a letter to Tom and Jan Deon, Perry wrote: "During our conversation I told you that there was not a clear policy as to when an ambulance was called, but that it is case-by-case based on the expert opinion of the medical staff on scene."


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