Police Investigate 9-Year-Old Girls' Plot To Kill Their Teacher


Police in Elba, New York, reportedly foiled a group of fourth-grade girls who planned to kill their teacher.

According to WGRZ, the plot was exposed right before winter break in December. Three students were allegedly involved in the plot, and reports say they planned to expose the teacher to antibacterial products because she is allergic to them.

The three 9-year-old girls allegedly told fellow students they planned to put hand sanitizer around the classroom so their teacher would have a reaction and die. One of the students who heard about the plot decided to tell the parents about it, and eventually, police were called to investigate.

Despite the details being made public, the three girls are not being charged with anything because they never followed through with their plans.

“Because nothing had happened, with the juvenile laws the way they are in the state of New York, for a person under the age of 16 to be charged with something, they have to commit either a misdemeanor or a felony,” Chief Deputy Jerome Brewster said.

The school district says it is now handling the case and is using it as “a vehicle for educating the district's students regarding appropriate behaviors.”

Sources: WGRZ, NY Daily News, WKBW / Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons


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