This School Has Had Four Teachers Be Accused Of Improper Relationship With Students

A Texas woman became the fourth teacher in one year to resign from Permian High School over allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a student.

Alisha Carrasco Knighten of the Ector County Independent School District was put on administrative leave last Monday, and her resignation was effective Wednesday.

Carrasco Knighten was a physical education teacher at Bonham Junior High and a softball coach at Permian High School. She is the fourth member of Permian’s staff to resign in about a year after being investigated for an improper relationship with a student.

Another employee resigned in April 2014 after complaints from parents and students about her relationship with a student were reported. She is currently being investigated by ECISD police.

In April 2013, staff members Kathryn Maples and April Collins resigned and were later indicted on second-degree felony charges. Maples, then 28, was allegedly involved with a 17-year-old student. Collins, 28, was allegedly involved with a 19-year-old.

“Another allegation of this sort is alarming and disappointing,” said ECISD spokesman Mike Adkins said in a statement. “The school district provides training to address this issue each year, and we plan more in the future. Our teachers are hired to teach, support, and inspire our students to great achievement and it is unacceptable to an educator to cross the line from professional to personal relationship.”

“We are glad these allegations are being reported, and we investigate every report that comes to us,” Adkins said. “We will do everything in our power to address this immediately.”

"I take a very serious look at this and say, 'We will not tolerate this at ECISD,'" Superintendent Thomas Crowe told KOSA-TV in April. "You begin to look at it and say, 'Is there a pattern here?'"

"I've talked to coaches, I've talked to teachers and I will continue to tell them, 'This is crazy folks! You can't do this!'" he added. "I don't understand what an adult would have in common with a child -- with a student."

Sources: OAOA News, KOSA-TV


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