Four-Year-Old Girl Runs Quarter-Mile In Dark to Alert Neighbor of Unconscious Dad


Four-year-old Cadence, the daughter of a firefighter, sought help for her unconscious father Tuesday night, ultimately running a quarter of a mile in the dark to alert the nearest neighbor.

Chris Lucas was in the process of unloading metal scraps from his truck when he hit his head either on the car's tailgate or an old water heater. The last thing he recalled was reaching under his truck to grab something he had dropped.

While he was unconscious, Cadence ran a quarter of a mile in the dark to the nearest neighbor where she saw headlights.

"She knows the property and she told me she had seen headlights in the neighbor's yard," Chris said. "That's probably why she went over there."

The neighbor, alarmed, went to check out what happened and eventually called an ambulance.

Chris began to regain consciousness when the ambulance arrived. He spent that night in a hospital and was treated for a concussion.

Though Cadence is shy about discussing her experience, those who witnessed her reaction said she remained calm during the entire event.

Chris explained that because he is a volunteer firefighter and Cadence’s mother works for an ambulance service, the young girl is well versed in emergency conduct.

"Most kids would have sat there until their parent woke up," he said. "She took the initiative to run out even though it was dark."

Chris added that all parents should teach their children how to handle emergencies, noting that Cadence knows both of her parents’ names and phone numbers.

Sources: Newser, Iron Mountain Daily News


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