4-Year-Old Girl Nearly Shot At Barber Shop (Video)


Newly-released surveillance video (below) shows a 4-year-old girl almost being shot inside a barber shop in Chandler, Arizona, on April 10.

Shots shattered a glass window at the front of the Paisano Barber Shop while the young girl took off running, notes The Arizona Republic.

Chandler police said the tyke sustained non-life-threatening injuries from the flying glass, and was subsequently taken to a local hospital.

According to police, the shots were allegedly fired by Michael Hart, who was upset after being asked to leave the Damaged Ink tattoo parlor, which is next door to the barber shop in a strip mall.

Police said that Hart got mad over a tattoo, went out to his car to get something from his trunk, returned and was told by the tattoo store owner to come back when he was sober.

Chandler Police Detective Seth Tyler said Hart was with two other men when their car backed up and moved forward in the parking lot; Rafael Santos was also arrested in connection to the shooting.

According to police, Hart's girlfriend said that he told her that he had "popped off" some bullets.

Hart was later found at his residence, Tyer said, and tried to flee, but was taken into custody.

A firearm was found in Hart's room, according to police, and Hart reportedly asked a friend in Payson to help him get out of the state.

According to court records, Hart was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, child endangerment, discharging of a firearm within city limits, possession of a weapon by a prohibited person and discharging a firearm at a non-residence.

Santos was reportedly charged with discharging a firearm at a non-residence, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and endangerment of a minor.

The Chandler Police Department released the video on its Facebook page, where commenters had much to say:

  • Omg that's horrible. I'm glad she's ok.
  • This is why we need to torture selfish criminals, then kill them. They serve no purpose in society but to destroy it.
  • She had an angel looking over her for sure. Thankfully she's ok.
  • Crazy world...she was def being protected with strong guided arms/wings.
  • So glad you caught this guy. What a nightmare!!!
  • That's crazy glad she's ok.
  • God was watching over her.
  • I'm not a weirdo, I promise. But I do have strong faith. Did anyone else notice the two small spots of light on the chair after she runs away?
  • Hooooooooooooly! GOD IS GOOD! Her Angels was working overtime that day!

Sources: The Arizona Republic, Chandler Police Department/Facebook / Photo credit: Paisano Barber

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