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Four-Year-Old Alyssa Brown Gets Wish Granted at Disneyland, Marine Father Returns Home

A four-year-old girl visited Disneyland in California and was hoping to have her wish granted at Snow White's wishing well. Little did she know, it would actually come true.

Alyssa Brown was devastated when her father had to serve as a Marine in Afghanistan, as she has always been a daddy's girl. 

So it was not surprising that her first wish at the wishing well was for her dad to come home.

"I wish with all my heart that my daddy would come home," she said, as she stood next to Snow White and covered her eyes.

She and Snow White covered their eyes while her dad positioned himself for the surprise.

When Marine Lt. Scott Brown was ready, the little girl opened her eyes and ran toward him.

"Hi baby," he said as he kneeled down and opened his arms.

Her mother said Alyssa had been down ever since her dad left.

"Liz has had a very hard time with her father being gone, she's a daddy's girl," she said.

After he left, they made a "daddy doll" that has a picture of him on it. She and her 14-month-old brother Liam hold it when they are missing him.

But the daddy doll isn't good enough sometimes, and that is apparent with little Liam's hesitation to run to his father when he saw him.

"He was only seven months old when I left and he's only seen pictures of me and daddy doll," Brown said.

After Alyssa learned her wishes can actually come true, she's already thinking of other ones.

"My next wish is for a puppy!" she said. 

Her mother is hesitant to get a dog, and replied to her, "No, we've got a brother instead."

Eventually, Brown will have to return to Afghanistan, but for now they are enjoying their family time.

Sources: Daily Mail,KTLA


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