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Four Women Fatally Shot in Tulsa Apartment

Yesterday, four women were found shot to death in a seedy Tulsa, Oklahoma apartment. Victims of the midday shooting spree, all of the women were in their late teens and early 20s. A four-year-old boy was also in the apartment, but he was found alive and without any physical injuries.

The apartment complex, Fairmont Terrace Apartments, and the surrounding neighborhood are in the rough, lower income part of Tulsa. Bars guard many of the apartment doors and windows, with cardboard used for draperies. The guard station is nearly always unmanned and signs cover the property reading “Photo ID required to be on property.”

While a safety patrol is available after dark, the killings are believed to have occurred in the late morning—between 11:30am and 12:30pm. A 911 call was received around 12:30pm by an unidentified neighbor who found the bodies while checking on the apartment.

According to Associated Press, many residents of the apartment complex are fearful of the increasing violence and many of the female residents, in particular, are taking this as a sign to move.

Just last year, two other slayings occurred at the same apartment complex. On August 25th, Quincy D. Jones, 24, was shot and killed inside his apartment. A month later on September 27th, Robert Max Long was fatally shot during a drug-related robbery.

Sennie Anderson, a resident of the apartment complex says, “I’ve been afraid since I moved in this place. I think it’s getting worse,” (quoted by Associated Press).

The only witness, so far, is the small child who is currently in protective custody. All four women have been identified (two of whom were twin sisters). Reported by CBS News, Larry Powell is the father of the twins, Rebeika Powell, 23, and Kayetie Melchor, 23. In 2003, Powell lost his son from the flu. With the deaths of Rebeika and Kayetie, he has now lost all of his children.

“My life’s gone. My kids are gone,” he told CBS.

Neighbor Gail Barton described the women as “lively and fun and beautiful” to CBS.

Police believe one of the victims was in contact with someone within an hour of the shooting, however, nothing more is known. No shots were reported by any of the neighbors. As of yet, it is unknown why the women were shot and are currently looking for a suspect.


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