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Four People Arrested For Public Sex At Beach (Video)

Four People Arrested For Public Sex At Beach (Video) Promo Image

Four Massachusetts residents have been arrested for allegedly having sex on the beach during Fourth of July celebrations.

The incident occurred at Mayflower Beach, the Cape Cod Times reported. The four involved have been identified as Julianna Murphy, 19; Stephen Cerrone, 19; Lukas Kaminski, 19; and Molly Hines, 18.

All suspects were reportedly charged with disorderly conduct. They appeared in court on July 5. Only three of the four allegedly participated in the sex acts, WFXT reported. Kaminski was arrested for refusing police orders to leave the area where they were being arrested.

A fifth person, a teen, was also arrested. His identity has not been revealed because he is 17. He is also accused of participating in the public sex acts.

A video of the teens being arrested surfaced online. It shows a large crowd of other beachgoers surrounding the scene, chanting, "USA!"

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The arrests came shortly after a lifeguard alerted detective Matthew Turner about a number of people having sex in the water.

"I could not observe exactly what was going on, however both couple(s) were extremely closely embraced," Turner wrote in his report. "Each embraced couple were at a minimum kissing and stumbling about in the waves."

Turner said there were about 30 people in the water who witnessed the incident up close, and that some were cheering the participants on. He said he yelled at them to stop several times, but they did not listen.

The love birds eventually stopped after a second lifeguard swam toward them. Turner said he detected a strong smell of alcohol and the suspects were slurring their speech as he was arresting them.

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“During the daytime hours at the height of Fourth of July, something like this is kind of rare,” Dennis police Lt. Peter Benson told the Cape Cod times. “We just don’t make a lot of arrests at the beach. Generally we get a family crowd going to these beaches and not causing incidents.”

The judge has agreed to postpone their arraignments while they participate in a program for youth offenders.

“These young adults participate in appropriate counseling and education as well as community service projects,” a statement from the district attorney’s office read. “Upon successful completion of the program, the District Attorney’s Office will not prosecute the case and there will be no record of the offense.”

One of the accused suspects said he was just kissing a female friend, not having sex.

“I am a little bummed out that it got blown out of proportion so bad and me and my friends look bad," he told the Boston Herald. "I’m just going to forget about it and move on. It was, overall, a good Fourth of July and I hope everybody had a nice holiday, especially you guys at the office. God Bless America.”

Sources: Cape Cod Times, WFXT, Boston Herald / Photo credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism/FlickrTwitter via Daily Mail

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