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Four Teen Girls Attack Another Teen In Brooklyn McDonald's, Witnesses Stand And Watch

Though dozens of people witnessed four teenage girls brutally attack another teen at a McDonald’s in Brooklyn on Wednesday, no one has stepped forward to identify the attackers.

Police believe the attackers and the victim, a 15-year-old high school student, had been in an ongoing feud. However, authorities are unsure what exactly sparked the fight.

“[The victim] was there to fight,” one police source said. “It looks like they went there to straighten out their differences and she wound up getting the worst of it.”

The victim clearly throws the first punch in video footage of the fight. Within seconds, however, the four other girls swarm around her and aim their punches at her head.

"At first she was fighting just one girl,” witness Tiana Smith said. “Then like about 8 to 10 others joined. It looked like 100. I felt bad for her. No one was helping her … not even the adults.”

Despite being outnumbered, the victim attempted to fight back and even managed to pull one attacker’s hoodie off. By the end of the video, the victim is left cowering under a table.

“Yo, she’s dead,” one onlooker said. “It’s a murder.”

Finally, at the close of the video, a few students lie the victim down on a bench. According to police, cops on patrol were flagged down by witnesses after the fight and directed toward the fast-food chain.

Though activist Tony Herbert and other community leaders encouraged the victim to press charges against the teens, the victim has refused to talk to police.

Workers at McDonald’s claimed they called 911 twice during the attack, but police said no one did.

Either way, Herbert argued that the NYPD is not the chain’s personal security force and that hosting so many teenagers can create a dangerous atmosphere.

Sources: NY Daily News, Fox News / Photo Credit: YouTube


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