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Police: Hit And Run Of 16-Year-Old Girl In North Carolina Was Not Random

The death of a 16-year-old girl in North Carolina last week that was initially assumed to be an accident now appears to have been the result of a drug deal gone bad. According to the Cary police department in North Carolina, Katherine Burdick-Crow died Friday night in a hit and run that was not a random act.

Reports initially claimed that the Green Hope High School student was just a pedestrian and the incident was assumed to be accidental. However, police have now uncovered that in the events leading up to the teen’s death, Burdick-Crow was robbed during a drug deal and fell from the suspect’s vehicle as they drove away, WRAL reports.

Four individuals are now facing first-degree murder charges for the teen’s death. The suspects have been identified as Jourdan Chanquion Mack, 20, Beth Strange, 18, Abijah James Masse, 17, and Joshua Odell Simmons, 17.

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(Via WRAL, From left: Abijah Masse, Beth Strange, Joshua Simmons, Jourdan Mack)

The fatal hit-and-run occurred at about 9:20 p.m. on Lawrence Road, according to WRAL. Following a 911 call made by an unnamed witness, Burdick-Crow was taken to WakeMed where she later died.

A police report stated that the unnamed witness who came up on the scene thought Burdick-Crow might have fallen off or out of a vehicle.

“Apparently, she was on a car and fell off and a gentleman is here with blood all over his face,” the witness reported in the 911 call that was released Saturday night. “He is acting very strange. He said not to call the police but I am calling you cause this girl, I don’t feel a pulse or anything, so someone needs to get here very quickly.”

Although Burdick-Crow is said to have indeed fallen from the vehicle, the series of events that occurred prior to the fatal fall have led to murder charges against all four suspects, reported Inquisitr.

On the night of Friday, June 25, Burdick-Crow was reportedly robbed by the suspects and a physical altercation ensued. Reports say Burdick-Crow then fell off of the 2003 Ford F-150 pickup as the suspects drove off in an attempt to flee the scene. Authorities later determined Simmons to be the driver of the vehicle with the three other suspects as passengers.

Cary Police Capt. Randall Rhyne released a statement Sunday. 

“This is a terrible tragedy for all families involved,” Rhyne said. “With around-the-clock joint efforts by our Traffic Safety Team and Criminal Investigations Division, we hope that being able to wrap this up somewhat relatively quickly will help start the healing process for them and our community.”

Source: Inquisitr, WRAL

Photo Credit: Facebook


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