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Five Students Sent Home for Wearing American Flags

Five students were sent home for donning apparel representing the American flag this May 5th, also known as Cinco de Mayo. While May 5th is an observed holiday in the US, promoting Mexican culture and heritage, it is not celebrated as an official holiday in Mexico itself. The holiday is primarily a marketing campaign for Mexican beer companies.

This did not prevent several Hispanic students from vocalizing their outrage at five students who wore Stars & Stripes in their t-shirts, shorts, and shoes Wednesday. One student was asked to remove the American flag bandana – bandanas being against school policy – yet the requests did not end there. Due to the frustration of other students and poor judgment from the faculty, the patriotic students were asked to turn their shirts inside-out in order to stifle possible reactions from Hispanic students, some of which teased the patriotic students.

Following their refusal to remove the apparel the fivestudents were sent home and threatened with suspension yet allowed to return to school the following day.

Would you be upset if Mexican-Americans wore the Mexican flag on Independence Day? Are the decisions made by the faculty at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hills wrong? Should American flags be removed from American high schools in America during cultural events?


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