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Four Relatives Charged In Forced Abortion Of Teen In 2013

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Four people have been charged in the 2013 forced abortion of a 14-year-old Dallas, Texas, teen — to whom all four are related.

Eight months after reportedly being raped by a family member, the four relatives beat and kicked the girl for several hours. According to a police affidavit, three relatives pinned the girl down while 27-year-old Lonnell McDonald sat on her stomach, “repeatedly bouncing up and down.”

The girl ultimately gave birth to a stillborn baby, and the relatives then tried to burn it on a charcoal grill in an effort to cover up what they’d done. 

Lonnell, 27-year-old Cedric Jones, 45-year-old Sharon Lee Jones and 25-year-old Cecila McDonald were all charged with engaging in organized crime. The underlying crime was determined to be aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

At one point during the forced abortion, Sharon reportedly told the girl to “shut up” and cry into a pillow. According to the victim, who didn’t come forward until May — three years after the rape and two after the abortion — the attack didn’t stop until she began bleeding heavily.

The rape suspect, 22-year-old Robert Cayald, was arrested on a charge of aggravated sexual assault. He has not been indicted for the rape. 

All five defendants are currently being held in lieu of $150,000 bail each.

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