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Four Purdue Football Players Accused Of Sexual Assault

Two female Purdue University students accused four football players of sexually assaulting them in October. Following a police investigation, no charges were filed.

The university has been under fire recently after it was reported that five sexual assaults happened over the course of four days in October. The incidents were not related to each other, the Lafayette Journal & Courier reports. Four of the five assaults happened in a span of 12 hours.

One of the assaults that occurred in the time frame allegedly involved four Purdue University football players during an off-campus apartment party, reports CBS Sports. The players, who shared the apartment, have all been accused of sexual assaulting two of their fellow students. Since the report was released, another student came forward, also accusing the players of assault.

The law firm Massillamany & Jeter LLP, which represents the two women, have taken swift action against the players and is calling for their expulsion. Currently, the athletes are suspended from the team but are still allowed on campus and continue to attend classes.

"School officials must move quickly to hold these players accountable for their actions and show these victims that their voices are being heard," said attorney Mario Massillimany in a news release. "Purdue and other schools have an obligation to send a message that this type of activity will not be tolerated." 

The West Lafayette Police Department confirms that all four student athletes have been interviewed by police and were fully cooperative in the investigation. Purdue administrators have yet to officially comment on the situation. The school's associate athletics communications director Matt Rector declined to comment, saying the university was working on an official response.

CBS-affiliate WLFI notes that some of the players involved already have criminal records. One was charged with battery resulting in serious bodily injury, another was charged with theft and a third was charged with marijuana possession. The two latter students had their charges dismissed as part of a pre-trial diversion program.

Massillimany is encouraging other victims to step forward to strengthen the firm's effort to expel the four students.

"If there are others out there who have been victimized in this manner, we encourage them to contact us to get the justice they deserve," he said in the news release.

Sources: Lafayette Journal & Courier (2), CBS Sports, WLFI / Photo credit: Daniel Hartwig/Flickr

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