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Four Plead Guilty To Burning Man's Genitals With Curling Iron

A British court has handed down sentences for four people who pleaded guilty to torturing man in a 2013 attack in which they burned their victim’s genitals with a curling iron and threatened to suffocate him. 

The Metro reports 19-year-old Natalie Lilley and Leah White, 22, both escaped jail time after pleading guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm. The two were given a community order — a sentence similar to probation — and Lilley was given an additional 100 hours of community service. 

The other defendants, Brendan Teale, 27, and 47-year-old Lorraine Earles, pleaded guilty to the same charge. Both were sentenced to jail time but Earles was released for time served, after having spent five months behind bars. She was given a two-year community order. Teale was sentenced to jail for 12 months.

“You all participated in an attack upon [the victim] which was designed to embarrass and humiliate him,” Recorder Bernard Gateshill, of the York Crown Court, told the defendants Friday.

Gateshill seemed to have determined that Teale and Earles were the ringleaders in the attack. 

The court had already heard testimony that the four had lured the man to an apartment in Scarborough and planned to subject him to the torture as revenge for the man allegedly seeing multiple women at one time. 

According to a Daily Mail story, the four defendants strapped the man to a chair and then repeatedly slapped and hit him. 

Earles was said to have bit the victim’s ear and then pushed his head down to his knees before burning the back of his neck with a lit cigarette. The court then heard testimony that she ordered White and Lilley to burn the man’s genitals with a hot curling iron. 

Barrister Laura Addy, who represented Earles, told the court her client has severe mental health issues and was under Teale’s spell during the attack.

But Andrew Temple, representing Teale, claimed Earles was the main perpetrator in the torture of the victim. 

According to testimony, Teale was asleep in the other room when Earles grew more violent with the victim. The escalation of the torture was said to have prompted White and Lilley to go wake Teale, asking him to get Earles to stop.

When he was successful in doing so, Earles was said to have fallen asleep and Teale went back to sleep in the other room.

White and Lilley then helped the victim escape the apartment. 

The four were charged in November 2013, after their victim’s stepmother called police. 

They had originally been charged with falsely imprisoning the man but that was later dropped and they all pleaded guilty to the lesser charge. 

Sources: Metro, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: ssalonso/Flickr, m01229/Flickr


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