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Four People Charged With Kidnapping And Assaulting Teen

Four People Charged With Kidnapping And Assaulting Teen Promo Image

A 16-year-old New Jersey girl was held hostage, raped and assaulted by four people who accused her of setting them up for a home invasion.

Krystal Lugo, 23, Christopher Lugo, 19, Yariel Torres-Abee, 22, and Yuleny Ortiz, 19, have all been arrested for kidnapping, raping and assaulting a 16-year-old girl, the Daily Mail reported.

Police found the teenager in the basement of a Massachusetts home on Dec. 27. Officer George Vranos said during a hearing on Jan. 3 that the basement looked like a "torture chamber, which looked like an interrogation room."

The victim told Auburn Detective Vincent Ross she was drugged with marijuana that was laced with Xanax and then sexually assaulted by multiple people. She said she was picked up in Leominster by Krystal and Torres-Abee. Court records did not show how they met.

The suspects reportedly held the teen hostage after an armed invasion took place at their home on Dec. 27. Police have photos of the two potential male suspects involved in the home invasion, the Boston Herald reported.

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The two home invasion suspects allegedly broke into the home demanding marijuana. They pistol whipped Christopher and fired two shots into the ceiling, the Telegram & Gazette reported.

Worcester Assistant District Attorney Tara Nechev said Krystal "turned on the victim, blaming her for setting them up, for orchestrating the home invasion."

"The victim was picked up by all of the defendants and put into the chair," Nechev continued. "A machete was held at the victim’s neck at the direction of Krystal."

Nechev added that police had responded to the residence 144 times since 2003.

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Krystal reportedly threatened to kill the victim's family if she told police about the abuse. The suspects also reportedly shaved the teen's head. Auburn Detective Eric Dyson said the victim's hair was later found in a "Christmas bag."

Police visited the home after being notified by two informants. All four suspects were arrested. Authorities said they found evidence of gunfire in the home's kitchen. They also found used condoms scattered all throughout the residence.

Krystal is being held without bail. The other three suspects will have their hearings on Jan. 5.

Krystal was charged with kidnapping, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and larceny under $250. Christopher, her brother, was charged with rape, kidnapping, and drug to confine.

Torres-Abee was charged with assault and battery and kidnapping. Ortiz was charged only with kidnapping.

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