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Four Pennsylvanians Arrested in Drive-By Shooting Incident...Involving Waterguns

Last week, four Keystone State residents were arrested and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and harassment after they allegedly doused a teen and her younger brother with chlorinated water from the window of a moving vehicle. Formal charges were filed in Lawrence County district court with the cooperation of the two shooting victims.

According to The Smoking Gun, the teen and her brother were standing in front of their home when a silver Chevy peeled around the corner containing four occupants and “drove past and fired an unknown, noxious-smelling liquid.”

Teenage victim Gloria Sloan-Mallory told law enforcement that she heard the hardened criminals in the Chevy laughing as they drove off. Neither of the victims’ precise injuries has been made public, but it is assumed that both of them experienced significant moistening.

With the help of Sloan-Mallory’s photographic memory, Lawrence County policed traced the license plate number to Carli Malley, 18, who quickly rolled on her other three ruthless accomplices – Paul Fee, 24; Victoria Greco, 19; and Andrew Ayers, 18.

Cops who met with the gang members’ families said that the Greco family became “very irate and started yelling and causing a disturbance.” They are now facing an additional disorderly conduct charge and disorderly house (??) charges for disrespecting what can only be assumed was the local police department’s elite gang violence unit.

See the actual criminal complaint below:


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