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Four Illinois Girls Charged With Ketchup Bottle Assault

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Three teenage girls were charged with armed robbery and home invasion Friday after entering a suburban Palatine home, cutting a 12-year-old boy with a broken ketchup bottle and escaping with $50 in cash, jewelry, and two cell phones.

The boy was watching TV when he heard a knock on the patio door of his East Osage Lane home. A girl was at the door inquiring after his sister, who she claimed to be friends with. She left after he responded that his sister was not home.

Ten minutes later, Vanessa Mejia, Sendi Ocampo and two others entered the house to use the bathroom, and proceeded to cut the young boy with a Heinz glass ketchup bottle.

When the boy’s sister returned around 9 p.m., she called the police and brought her brother to the Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, where his cuts were determined to be non-threatening.

The young boy’s sister verified that the invaders were former friends.

Two days after the attack, three of the girls turned themselves in to the police, giving verbal and written confessions. A 16-year-old girl was charged as a juvenile and sent to a Juvenile Justice Detention Center in Chicago.

The bond was set at $200,000 for both girls, who are scheduled to appear in court today.

A fourth girl, who has not been named by police, is still at large.

Sources: Officer, Daily Mail


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