Four Michigan Sisters Raise Money To Buy Tombstone For Parents (Video)


Four sisters from Luna Pier, Michigan, sold water, cookies, chips and sloppy joes at the town’s annual Fourth of July sale in the hopes of raising enough to buy a tombstone for their parents.

Haley, Danielle, Kaitlin and Kendell lost their father in a car accident in 2011. Their mother died earlier this year of unknown causes.

Their aunt Erica Ann Hayes is helping them. She set up a GoFundMe page for the girls which has raised $6,215 so far.

“My nieces are trying to raise money to help pay for their mommys headstone,” Hayes wrote. “She was 27 when she passed away and the cause is still unknown. The girls are 9,8,5 and 3 years old.”

The girls are currently living with their grandparents and money is tight.

Sources: NBC24, ClickonDetroit


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