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Four Men Charged In Armed Robbery And Double Homicide Of Florida Mother And Daughter

Four male suspects were arrested on Friday for a slew of crimes including first-degree murder, armed robbery and attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. The armed robbery of a pawn shop resulted in a shootout with police. The men later broke into a home and allegedly killed Patricia Moran, 72, and her daughter, Deborah Royal, 51.

Michael Gordon, 34, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder. Devonere McCune, 22, Jovan Lamb, 25, Terrell Williams, 29, and Gordon were all charged with armed robbery and attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.

Witnesses said that three men wearing hooded sweatshirts robbed an Auburndale, Florida, pawn shop at gunpoint while the last man waited in a getaway car.

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During the escape, an officer in a bordering town spotted the car, a red GMC Jimmy, and pursued it. The suspects opened fire but did not hit the officer. The men tried to escape on foot when the car got stuck in sand. McCune was captured after a K-9 bit him.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office was then alerted of suspicious activity by a nearby Orlando resident who heard women in the neighboring house scream, "No!" repeatedly.

Police surrounded the house in an attempt to arrest the suspects, but Gordon drove a car out of the garage — straight at the police. Officers opened fire and hit Gordon, whose escape was foiled when the car got stuck in sand again. His injuries were not life-threatening.

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Lamb and Williams were arrested later on Friday.

The bodies of Moran and Royal were found inside their home. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said that the women were “viciously murdered” and that the scene was “too graphic to describe.” He also added that the robbery was “well thought out and well designed. It was designed to create the maximum terrorism of the people in the store. It was created to obtain not only their cooperation but take away any chance that they may fight back.”

Police reported that all four men have extensive criminal backgrounds. Past charges include armed robbery and drug possession.

"Every one of these folks was a very experienced criminal," Judd said. "They're bad. They're really bad people."

The Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the crime spree. Police are also investigating a shooting that happened minutes prior to the armed robbery which may be tied to the four men.

Sources: Daily Mail, Orlando Sentinel / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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