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Four Off Duty Swedish Police Officers Break Up Beating On NYC Subway (Video)

Four off-duty Swedish policemen in New York City stopped a beating on the subway on April 22. The foursome was in the U.S. on vacation and was on their way to a Broadway show.

While on a rush-hour train heading to see Les Misérables, the Swedish police officers heard an announcement on the intercom of the subway asking if there were any police officers present. Thinking that someone may be in trouble, the four men acted out of instinct to help break up the fight.

According to Daily Mail, the Swedish tourists found a homeless man beating another homeless man as the train was pulling into Bleeker Street station. They immediately restrained the attacker and held him down until NYPD officers arrived.

The men told the New York Post that the victim was badly injured, bleeding from the mouth and unable to defend himself. Three of the tourists wrestled the attacker to the ground and held him there until police arrived.

Samuel Kvarzell, 25, said, “One of the guys tried to wrestle us so [we] wrestled him to the floor until the police came.”

Makrus Åsberg, also 25, downplayed their part in breaking up the fight. He told the New York Post: “We came here for vacation. We’ve been here one day. We’re no heroes, just tourists.”

The other two men were Erik Naslund and Eric Jansberger.

The four men waited for the NYPD to arrive and then continued on their way to see Les Misérables.

Sources: Daily MailNew York Post / Photo Source: Daily Mail, Kathianne Boniello/New York Post

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