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Four Cops Struck By Vehicle During Ferguson Protest In Denver

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Despite calls from the nation’s highest office to protest peacefully against racial discrimination and police abuse in the wake of the Missouri grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson, the demonstrations taking place across the country have been characterized by their violent nature.

The center of the protests has been Ferguson, where shops were looted and police vehicles were burned as a reaction against the injustice that occurred there following Wilson’s shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. At a Ferguson-related protest in Denver, Colorado, today things turned violent in a different way. 

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(via NewsRadio 850 KOA)

According to the Huffington Post, a car drove onto a curb on Denver’s Colfax Avenue, striking four police officers who were stationed on bicycles. The officers were reportedly escorting a group of students from East High School as they conducted their protest. All of the officers were taken to a local hospital for treatment, and three have been released. According to the Denver Police Department's Twitter account, one officer is “in critical condition in surgery now.” The department later tweeted the following update: “Not out of the woods, but early updates on officer in surgery is promising.” 

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(via Huffington Post)

It is unclear whether the driver of the vehicle — described by witnesses as a black Mercedes — was intentionally targeting the group of officers. The car reportedly drove away and crashed into the building of a Taco Bell restaurant after hitting the officers and mangling their bicycles. The Denver Post also describes "a nurse on the scene covered in blood." The driver of the vehicle was also transported to a local hospital. 

Sources: Huffington Post,Denver PostNewsRadio 850 KOA/ Photo Credit: NewsRadio 850 KOA


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