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Four Cops Arrest Black Man For Stepping Off Curb (Video)

An unidentified black man filmed the moment he was by four San Diego, California, police officers (video below). His crime? Stepping off a curb.

The video was originally posted on the Don't Shoot Facebook page on April 7 with the caption: "The hateful eight of San Diego cops rushed a Black man for 'stepping off sidewalk' I just wonder, what are we paying for our tax dollars? Do they REALLY not have anything better to do than this?

"These cops are thirsty for violent conflict and thus are a menace to society. This video is more proof."

In the video, the man is walking around with an unidentified companion and pointing out the cops in the area. At one point, the man does appear to step off a curb to film a street.

"Now you see this s---?" the man tells his companion. "They’re trying to follow me. They’re trying to get me. But I’m in the wrong, if I do anything. You see this s---? This is dumb."

Two San Diego police cruisers pull up, the officers get out and approach the man. notes the awkward conversation that followed.

"How’s it going partner?" the cops.

"Alright, did I do anything wrong?" the man replies.

"Absolutely, you can’t step off the curb like that," the officer informs him.

"Oh, I can’t step off the curb," the man answers. "I didn’t take a picture, I just lightly stepped off."

"No, no, no, no," the cop insists. "I saw you over there."

"I didn’t do nothing wrong," the man tells the police.

The officer then asks the man if he is carrying any weapons and tells him that they are going to pat him down. The police do not give a reason for searching him on the video.

"I didn’t do nothing wrong," the man says.

"You stepped off the curb," the officer replies

The man asks for his ticket, but the cop handcuffs him and says, "I'll do my business the way I do my business."

"If the person is a danger to themselves or others, it could rise to the level of a state misdemeanor arrest,” an officer from the San Diego Police Chief's office told

"Generally we issue a civil citation for jaywalking," the officer added. "I don’t know under what circumstances our police would perform an arrest."


Sources: Don't Shoot/Facebook, / Photo Credit: Don't Shoot via YouTube

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