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Four Colorado Men Arrested For Holding Women Captive In Denver Garage

Four Colorado men have been arrested for allegedly kidnapping four women, holding them hostage, assaulting them, and force-feeding them, police say.

Denver Police took the four men into custody after one of the victims was let free and told police of the grim scene in the local neighborhood early Friday morning, 9 News reported.

The suspects, identified as Steven Hillen, Pedro Valdez, Juvenal Tamayo and Edgar Barroso, are now behind bars for assault, menacing and kidnapping, according to the arrest affidavit. 

One of the victims told police that she was taken while standing outside of a breakfast diner Thursday morning. The woman claimed that two armed men drove up, forced her into their vehicle and drove her to a home less than three miles from where she was abducted. 

She was then forced into a detached garage, where three other women claiming to have been kidnapped were also being held. 

The woman says she was then forced to strip down to her underwear, duct taped, force-fed methamphetamine. Se was also allegedly sexually abused and threatened with a gun. The victim added that the suspects discussed whether to kill the women.

"The details of this case are disturbing. No question," Dough Schepman, a Denver Police spokesperson, said, according to 9 News. "Fortunately we were able to get all of the suspects in this case into custody and we've been providing the support that we're able to in the victims in this case."

For reasons unknown, the captors let one woman go early Friday. The freed victim reportedly went to the nearest hospital and said she had been assaulted. Following her claims, authorities went to the home where they found the women in the garage along with drugs and guns.

Only three of the four suspects were found at the home when officers arrived – Barroso, Tamayo and Valdez. Denver SWAT learned of a second home a few streets over, where the fourth suspect was presumed to be. Although the suspect was not found at the second home, officials did discover dugs, weapons and other evidence tying him to the crime, Mad World News reported.

The search for the final suspect ended Monday, when authorities found and arrested Hillen.

Officials are not divulging if the women are adults or juveniles. Sex crimes unit investigators are looking into the incident and charges of sexual assault could be added onto the list of the men's pending kidnapping, menacing and assault charges.

Source: Mad World News, 9 News
Photo credit: Mad World News


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