Foster Parent Arrested For Filming Himself Sexually Assaulting A 6-Week-Old Infant


Two men have been arrested in relation to the sexual assault of a 6-week-old premature infant, and the exchange of graphic photos of the child who was in the foster care of one of the men.

Stephen H. Schaffner, 34, of Greensboro, Maryland, is accused of conspiring with Michael Lutts, 50, of San Diego, California, “to abuse a six-week-old foster child and transmit recorded images and videos of the abuse to Schaffner,” reports Courthouse News Service.

Lutts, a pediatric nurse, brought the 6-week-old preemie home to foster on August 4. That night he texted Schaffner images of the baby, prosecutors allege.

"Over the next several hours, Schaffner allegedly exchanged numerous graphic and sexually explicit messages with Lutts about Lutts engaging in sexually explicit conduct with the infant,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Baltimore said. “Lutts sent Schaffner videos with the infant, including images of an adult performing oral sex on the infant. Schaffner is alleged to have directed Lutts to sexually abuse the infant in order to produce sexually explicit images and videos and send them to Schaffner."

Lutts reportedly can be seen in one of the videos touching the infant’s genitals while masturbating, reports RawStory.

FBI agents claim the newborn can be heard crying in many of the videos.

The images were sent to Schaffner digitally, via cellphone and a messaging app.

Lutts was arrested by the FBI as part of a child pornography ring. The federal charges against him are still being finalized.

In a grand jury indictment filed on September 26, Lutts is accused of abusing an 11-month-old girl in the same manner, reports 7 San Diego.

Schaffner has been indicted on 10 counts related to conspiracy to sexually exploit a child and sexual exploitation of a child. He is currently being held and faces up to 285 years in prison if convicted on all 10 counts.

Sources: Courthouse News, Raw Story, NBC 7 San Diego

Photo Source: Office of U.S. Attorney/Raw Story


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