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Foster Children Taken From Home After Parents Held Hands Too Tight

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Social workers removed two children from a foster home after accusing the foster parents of holding the children’s hands too tightly as they crossed the street. The children were removed so that the social workers could investigate certain “marks” detected on the children’s wrists, the Daily Mail reports. 

There are 68,110 children in care in the UK, with 50,900 in stable foster homes. At least 233 foster children have been removed from foster homes this year due to safety concerns, which social workers and other organizations recognize are not always legitimate.

Foster parents in the UK have been warned against too much physical contact in order to prevent such misunderstandings from continuing. 

"Social workers are having to make extremely difficult decisions on a daily basis, but they are always made in the context of wanting to ensure the best outcomes for young people," said Sue Imbriano, Children's director of Bucks County Councils regarding the incident.

According to Children’s Rights, there are approximately 397,000 children in out-of-home care in the U.S. on any given day. Up to 80 percent of these individuals have serious emotional problems.

Children enter foster care because of neglect or abuse in the home, but sometimes this treatment can carry over to the foster home.


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