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Fort Irwin Army Enacts New Dress Code, Bans Everything Remotely Comfortable

An Army commander at Fort Irwin in California is enacting a strict dress code on the base.

The policy was announced on the installation’s Facebook page, and it bans 11 garments and ways of wearing garments. Forbidden attire in public includes: doo rags, sideways and backwards hats, pajamas and slippers, exposed mid-sections, exposed undergarments, short shorts, swim suits, undershirts as outerwear, sagging pants, and torn clothes.

The commander made a poster announcing the policy (see below) that’s been posted all over the base. The poster, which has images people wearing all of the styles that it intends to prevent, has been posted all over the base. The poster’s imagery has one mother asking: if we’re trying to avoid seeing this type of clothing on people, why are we putting pictures of it everywhere?

“I don't see why this poster has to be on every building," the mother, Megan Studdard, wrote. "The only time my young boys see a girl in a thong or 'booty shorts' is when [we] go ANYWHERE on post and they see this poster .... Did 'The Commander' proof this poster before it was plastered up on every building around post?"

Another woman asked whether the commander had thought about the dress policy’s implications for pregnant women, who often wear loose-fitting clothing, such as the now-forbidden pajama pants, during late stages of pregnancy.

“So would you tell an eight-month pregnant woman to take off her pajama pants? Just wondering. I never wore pajamas around post until I was pregnant,” the commenter, Crystal Knapp, said.

Fort Irwin Commander Sgt. Maj Dale Perez, who instituted the policy, went on the radio recently to address concerns about the new dress code. He said that if residents of Fort Irwin didn’t like the policy, they were free to go off base dressed however they like.

Fort Irwin is in a remote area of the Mojave Dessert. Something tells me residents won’t be driving two hours just to go to the store in sleep bottoms. 

Sources: Huffington Post


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