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Fort Hood Soldier Charged With Patronizing A Prostitute

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Master Sgt. Brad Grimes was charged in military court Wednesday after paying for sex with a soldier.

Grimes was charged with patronizing a prostitute, committing adultery and solicitation to commit adultery. The woman soldier, however, has not been charged.

The charges stem from an investigation into Sgt. 1st Class Gregory McQueen, who was accused of sexual assault in May and arranging for a prostitute to visit the base.

McQueen was suspended from all duties on Wednesday, though he has not yet been charged.

This Fort Hood scandal, along with a slew of other recent controversies surrounding the military, has prompted a rush of legislation to deal with the sexual assault epidemic.

The House is scheduled to vote on its defense bill soon, including a number of provisions that would ideally prevent sexual assault. The Senate Armed Forces Committee also approved legislation to keep commanders involved in the prosecution of sexual assault after rejecting a bill on Wednesday that would have removed them.

According to the Pentagon, an estimated 26,000 members of the military were sexually assaulted last year. The number of reports has seen a 131 percent increase since 2004.

Sources: Military, York Daily Record


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