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Formerly Homeless Widow And Mother Of Two Receives Amazing Christmas Surprise From Coworkers (Video)

A single mother-of-two in North Carolina received an amazing Christmas surprise from her coworkers after going from being homeless to moving into her very first home with her children.

Sheree Carter, an employee at a downtown Raleigh Chick-fil-A since October 1, moved into a new home with her two children last week. Prior to her job at Chick-fil-A and her finding her very first house, Carter reportedly lost both of her parents and the father of her children, so in order to provide for her children, ages nine and 15, the mom has been bringing her children to live at various shelters and temporary housing units for some time.

“I don’t even think they knew that I was homeless because I didn’t show it,” Carter, 37, said of her coworkers, going on to describe what she did for her two children despite adversity. “It wasn’t easy but I made it a good situation for them by showing them love.”

The job at Chick-fil-A came after a lot of hard work and determination, and now that she’s moved into a new apartment and gotten on her two feet, her coworkers decided they wanted to make her Christmas special.

Darrena McCulloh, owner of the downtown Raleigh Chick-fil-A, said she and Carter’s coworkers were inspired to help her give her children a Christmas they would never forget, so they all pooled together to make their vision a reality. The generous coworkers showed up at Carter’s home with furniture, dishes, home goods, and even presents for the 37-year-old’s children.

“Just hearing her story and how hard she’s worked to provide for her family, we knew it would be the right integrity and ethics that we were looking for to join our team,” McCulloh said of hiring Carter back in October.

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When asked what she looked forward to the most about her coworkers’ gifts, Carter said that seeing her kids’ happy faces on Christmas would be the most rewarding.

In addition to purchasing her items for her apartment and gifts for the children, McCulloh and the other coworkers all raised money through her church in order to present the single mom with an envelope full of cash to help the family out even more.

Sources:ABC 11 News, WRIC, ABC News / Photo Source: WRIC


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