Former UC-Davis Police Officer Who Pepper Sprayed Students, John Pike, Files for Workers' Compensation


The heavily criticized former University of California-Davis police officer who sprayed pepper spray into the eyes of Occupy Wall Street student protestors has now filed for workers’ compensation.

Former police officer John Pike was identified internationally when pictures of him casually pepper spraying students for little to no reason spread across the Internet.

According to Davis Enterprise, Pike is seeking compensation for psychiatric injury that he allegedly suffered during the event and from feedback afterward.

If Pike is granted workers’ compensation, he will be granted disability benefits covering income, health and other benefits until age 65. Currently, he is only entitled to retirement credit for his years of service.

During an investigation into the pepper spray incident, Pike remained on paid leave for eight months with a salary of $121,680.

Pike received threatening, often vulgar, messages from outraged observers. Some requested that Pike kill himself or threatened to pepper spray his family. Alameda County Superior Court Judge Evelio Grillo found the threats so disturbing that he waited to release the names of other officers until Tuesday, almost two years after the incident.

Pike’s case will be heard on August 13, during which a protest flippantly called “Officer Pike Fiesta of Emotional Support and Caring” is planned.

Sources: Davis Patch, Davis Enterprise


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